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New Teledramas

  Date: 14th April 2014 

     Muthu Palasa-12

     Aththamma- 27

     Hiru Thaniwela- 33

     Sanda Savee- 14

     Sneha- 04

     Tharumalee- 29

     Pabasara- 07

     Sath Piyawaru – 03

     Parevi Kirilli- 04

     Para Walalu- 04

     Makulu Dal – 03

     Banda Deyyo- 03

    Swarnapali- 05

     Colombo Ahasa- 04

     Thurya- 48

     Swappna- 18

     Waramalee- 01

     Wasuli Kanda- 01





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At Elephant House, we believe in providing our customers with the widest range of quality grocery products (familiar brands in Sri Lanka) and are constantly looking for new ways to offer mouth watering, tasty and nutritious homemade food at an affordable price. Not only food, we bring back you the memories of homeland by providing tri-lingual news papers, magazines, famous Sri Lankan Tele dramas (DVDs), Music CDs and movies.

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